At VIVO Defence Services, we provide Hard Facilities Management (FM) for the UK military and its partners.

We are extremely proud of the work we do on behalf of the MOD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), providing maintenance and asset management on military bases (the Built Estate) and in the homes that are provided to armed forces personnel and their families – known as Service Family Accommodation.

We know that our sector has traditionally been seen as one that is quite male-dominated, and we are pleased to join forces with Women Empowering Defence (WED) to bring about a change to this perception and position.

This is not about quotas or trying to recruit women instead of men, but it is about setting in motion a change to the culture and mindset of our business and sector – so that people are recruited for their skills, whatever their gender or background, and that women working within our organisation feel valued.

For this reason, we have partnered with WED as we recognise that, as a young organisation, we have a great deal of work to do and wish to draw upon their unenviable experience and resources.

We are near the start of our journey and the majority of people that work for us arrived through the awards of contracts meaning they were TUPEd across – and for that reason the vast majority of our workforce, including in management positions, are male.

That is not meant to be a criticism – just a fact. If we had started recruiting when we started trading in 2022 our workforce would, no doubt, be more diverse’

Therefore, we want to do two things – create opportunities for women to come into our industry and, just as importantly, recognise those already in our sector and in our organisation.

We also want to give them a safe space to work. We are committed to help educate and inform our people and the wider industry, creating diversity of thought.

We also want WED to help us create an environment where the women in our business work with male allies to reset and bring about inclusivity to create representation that mirrors our population as much as it can.

We need to start looking at succession opportunities and promote an organic and natural change that celebrates the best in all our male and female employees.

This is how responsible businesses need to work. We are a large service supplier and it is imperative that we move towards a mindset that helps bring about representation reflecting and celebrating the diverseness of our country.

It’s going to be an interesting and fun time and we are really pleased to have WED on board.

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