“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt


Our Exclusive Events

At Women Empowering Defence, we understand the power of connection, shared experiences, and continuous learning. That’s why we host a variety of exclusive events for our members. From in-person meet-ups and workshops to online webinars and masterclasses, our events are designed to inspire, educate, and foster a sense of community. As a member, you’ll have access to a wealth of opportunities to learn, network, and grow.

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While we do host some open events, the majority of our events are exclusive to our members. By becoming a member, you ensure that you never miss out on these valuable opportunities. Our events are designed to engage and educate, promoting diversity and inclusion within the Defence and Security Sector. Join us today and be part of the change. Don’t miss out – become a member and ensure you’re always in the loop for our exciting events.

Events Calendar

How to be resilient as fudge

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Led by Dr Glenda Rivoallan, 60 min workshop looking at what it takes to be resilient as fudge. By the end of the session you…


Virtual Event Virtual Event

Achieving work-life balance is like finding the holy grail. It can feel impossible, and maybe that’s because it is. This workshop will give you a…

Stop! Overthinking

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Led by Dr Glenda Rivoallan, this 60 min workshop looks at our brains, how we overthink and learning the tools to be more present Know…