Our Affiliates

Mindful Station

Mindful Station, based in the UK, specialises in promoting well-being and mindfulness. Through guided meditation sessions, workshops, and resources, they help individuals and businesses enhance mental and emotional wellness, fostering a present-focused and judgment-free approach to life.

We Talk Wellbeing

If you know in your heart that life shouldn’t be this hard, or you’re a manager or team leader watching your teams struggle, then We Talk Wellbeing is here to support you to Live Well and Work Well with a range of accredited courses, training, coaching, books and resources.

Don't Pause For Menopause

As a menopause expert/coach, I support women and help employers with implementation, building strategies, raising awareness, sharing experience and training.

We can work together to identify wellness goals and achieving an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Space to Talk

Space to Talk is a not-for-profit community-centred organisation that aims to provide support to members of the community who are struggling with their mental health, isolation and other worries that may be preventing them from engaging in physical or psychological self-care.

Simplicity in Mind

Harnessing simplicity in mind allows you to be more resourceful and productive, despite the chaos of life.  Once realised, this simple understanding is life changing.  As a transformational coach I can help you or your organisation discover this for yourselves.

Aching Arms

Aching Arms is a registered charity that provides comfort and support to bereaved families that have experienced the loss of their baby, during pregnancy, at birth or shortly after. Aching Arms is based in Essex and works nationally across the whole of the UK.

Want to support our community?

We welcome all forms of support that can help us further our mission of empowering women in the Defence and Security Sector. If you or your organisation would like to contribute, please get in touch with us. We’d love to explore how we can work together to make a difference.