We stand together

In a world where unity is strength, Women Empowering Defence stands as a beacon of solidarity and empowerment. We are a collective force, uniting individuals across the Defence and Security Sector, with a shared mission to champion gender equality and celebrate the diverse achievements of women. 

Our organisation is built on the foundation of mutual respect, inclusivity, and a steadfast commitment to breaking down barriers. We are here to challenge biases, to shine a light on the accomplishments of women in our sector, and to inspire meaningful change. Together, we are not just shaping the present, but we are also crafting a more inclusive and equitable future.

We believe in the power of celebration, the strength of diversity, and the potential of every individual. Join us as we stand together, breaking barriers, inspiring change, and shaping a future where everyone can thrive.

Breaking Stereotypes

Challenging biases and celebrating diverse women’s achievements in defence and security.

Celebrating Success

Providing a platform for individuals to celebrate their achievements and boost morale.

Inspiring Change

Sparking discussions and fostering aspirations for a more inclusive future workforce.

Promoting Diversity

Actively showcasing women’s achievements to foster inclusivity and equal opportunities.

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The Bold

Celebrating the bold and the brave in our sector.

“As founders of Women Empowering Defence, we’re committed to promoting gender equality and celebrating the achievements of women in our sector.  Join us in breaking barriers and shaping a more inclusive future.”

Jodie Evans & Natalie Maddox-Hussain

Welcome to "WED ASKS" A Platform for Empowering Conversations

We believe in the power of dialogue to inspire, challenge, and drive change. “WED ASKS” is our dedicated space where we delve into the heart of matters that shape the defence sector and beyond. Here, we feature a series of engaging and thought-provoking interviews with trailblazers, innovators, and leaders who are making a significant impact in their fields.

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We’re proud to be backed by our corporate partners, whose generous support and shared vision for gender equality and diversity in the Defence and Security Sector make our work possible. 


Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a wide range of technology products, solutions and services. By bringing together our integration capabilities and cutting-edge technologies, we drive your success, moving forward for a more sustainable world.


Janes enables militaries, governments and defence companies to make critical decisions. Our expert-driven tradecraft, developed over 120 years, combined with human-machine teaming, delivers assured open-source intelligence across military capabilities and order of battle, equipment, events, countries, companies and markets.

Itsus Consulting

Itsue Consulting are an agile SME, with expert systems engineers specialising in cyber & intelligence, testing & evaluation and system integration work alongside leading network contractors to provide innovative, secure and cost-effective solutions worldwide. Itsus are always exploring new technologies to help keep our customers up to speed in a fast-moving digital world.

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