Meet the team

“I raise up my voice—not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard…”
– Malala Yousafzai

Leadership Team

Meet the dynamic individuals who steer the Women Empowering Defence ship. Our Leadership Team is a diverse group of professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience and unique perspectives to the table. They are the strategists, the decision-makers, and the visionaries who guide our community towards our goals. Their commitment to promoting gender equality and diversity in the Defence and Security Sector is the driving force behind our initiatives.

Jodie Evans
Co-Founder of WED
Natalie Maddox-Hussain
Co-Founder of WED
Chris Cooke
i3Works – Delivery Director
Dr Victoria Carr
Cheshire West & Chester Council – Headteacher
Ed Dench
Tippr – Founder
Dr Shahid Mian
ITSUS Consulting – Managing Director
Emma Morgan
Amazon – Program Manager EMEA Global Military Program
Jacqueline Pickard de Hagerty
CGI – Director Consulting
Katie Rogers
Mastek – Associate Vice President, Major Deals, Secure Government Accounts
Nicole Sawhney
Eviden – Responsible Business Manager
Nick Snelling
People Source Consulting – Associate Director for Government
DCI Gemma Vinton
Fear Free

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is a collective of seasoned professionals from across the Defence and Security Sector. They provide valuable insights, strategic guidance, and oversight to ensure we stay true to our mission and values. Their wisdom and experience help us navigate the challenges and opportunities that come our way. They are our sounding board, our counsel, and our critical friends who hold us accountable and help us strive for excellence.

Victoria Christodoulides
UCL – Associate Researcher
Angela Crabtree
Leidos – Commercial Director
Rachel Evans
Sodexo – HR Director, Government – Justice, Defence & Central Government
Richard Jefferys
Sierra Nevada Corporation Mission Systems UK – Commercial Director
Kate Maxwell
Microsoft – Chief Technology Officer, Worldwide Defense & Intelligence
Libby Vallance-Bull
British Army – AI and Technical Strategy Advisory
Adam Versteeg
Janes – Chief People Officer


Our Ambassadors are the faces and voices of Women Empowering Defence. They are passionate advocates for gender equality and diversity, representing us in their respective fields and communities. They help us spread our message, build relationships, and inspire others to join our cause. Their dedication and enthusiasm play a crucial role in expanding our reach and impact.

kirsty Ashman
Crown Hosting Data Centres – Head of Defence and Intelligence
Lynne Austin
GENERAL DYNAMICS – Director of International Facilities and UK Operations
Laura Blair
Centrica Ex-Forces Pathway – Head of Programme
Gina Dover
CGI – Senior Consultant Space, Defence and Intelligence
Alison Evans
Janes – Director, Tradecraft and Subscriber
Mollie Hatton
Sanderson – Head of Projects
Caitlín Chinnock
BT – Account Manager – Defence
Marie Davies
Mott MacDonald – Business Development Manager
Cheryl Grant
VIVO Defence Services – HR Director
Dr Clare Johnson
Itsus Consulting & Founder of Women in Cyber Wales
Tarah Mason
boxxe – Senior Account Director for Defence & National Security
Isabel Martins
Networkology – Marketing Manager
Jo Seaton
Sodexo Government – Finance Director
Alima Soliu
Mastek – Agile Delivery Manager
Sarah Rogers
Mace Group – Commercial Manager
Michael Thornton
Investigo – Senior Director & Operating Board member
Jo Weston
Janes – Head of Product Operations
Dawn Claridge
Logistics Officer
Natasha Day
Logistics Officer
Morgan Ely MSc
Dr Victoria Kinkaid
Military Doctor
Khadijah Khatun
Safety Engineer
Laura Simpson
Senior Executive Coach
Anna Watts
Recruitment Director