Strengthening forces together: boxxe‘s vision with Women Empowering Defence

In a move toward fostering inclusivity and empowerment in the defence sector, boxxe proudly announces its partnership with Women Empowering Defence (WED). This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to champion diversity, gender equality, and professional growth within the defence industry.

At boxxe, we recognise the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. We understand that diverse perspectives, experiences, and talents are not just valuable assets but essential drivers of innovation and progress. Hence, partnering with Women Empowering Defence aligns seamlessly with our core values and aspirations.

Empowering Women in Defence

Women Empowering Defence (WED) is a trailblazing initiative dedicated to empowering women professionals in the defence and security space, with a focus on creating a supportive ecosystem.

1. Promote inclusivity: By advocating for equal opportunities and fair representation for women within the defence sector.

2. Offer mentorship and support: Through mentorship programs and networking opportunities, WED aims to nurture the careers of women in defence, fostering their professional development.

3. Advocate for change: WED actively engages in discussions and initiatives that challenge stereotypes and biases prevalent in the defence industry, striving for a more equitable environment.

boxxe’s commitment to diversity

boxxe is committed to creating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. Our partnership with Women Empowering Defence reinforces our dedication to:

1. Fostering inclusion: We believe in building a culture that embraces diversity in all its forms, recognising the strength that different perspectives bring to our organisation.

2. Supporting growth: Through initiatives, training, and mentorship programs, we aim to support the career growth and advancement of women professionals in the technology and defence sectors.

3. Driving change: By collaborating with organisations like Women Empowering Defence, boxxe is actively contributing to the larger conversation about gender equality and diversity in the defence industry.

What excites boxxe about WED?

1. Community building: WED’s focus on building a supportive community aligns perfectly with our values. Together, we aim to create a network that fosters growth and collaboration among professionals in the defence and tech sectors.

2. Opportunities for development: WED’s dedication to providing opportunities for skill enhancement and career advancement and we look forward to contributing to these initiatives, offering our expertise and resources to support this shared goal.

3. Celebrating Diversity: WED’s celebration of diversity echoes our belief that diverse perspectives drive innovation. This partnership allows us to champion this cause on a larger platform, inspiring others to embrace diversity within their organizations.

Looking ahead

As we embark on this journey with Women Empowering Defence, boxxe is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. By working together, we envision a future where diversity is celebrated, barriers are dismantled, and every individual—regardless of gender—has an equal opportunity to excel and contribute meaningfully to the defence and tech sectors.

Join us in celebrating this collaboration as we take a significant step towards a more inclusive and diverse future in defence.

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