Meet Nick Snelling – Leadership Team

We are thrilled to introduce you to Nick Snelling, a key member of our leadership team at Women Empowering Defence (WED). As an Associate Director at People Source Consulting, Nick brings a wealth of experience in talent acquisition and management consulting to our team. His expertise is matched only by his passion for gender equality and diversity in the Defence and Security sectors.

His commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion makes him an invaluable asset to our community. Let’s dive into a quick Q&A session to get to know Nick better.


Why do you support WED? 

“WED serves as a beacon for gender equality in Defence and Security, providing an invaluable community that fosters meaningful connections and real change.”

What excites you about WED? 

“The exhilarating blend of diversity and expertise in WED’s community promises ground-breaking advancements and a paradigm shift in Defence and Security sectors.”

Nick recently wrote about “The Importance of Male Allies in the Women Empowering Defence Community

The defence sector still leans heavily male, especially in senior roles. This imbalance makes the support from male allies indispensable for enacting genuine change. One key consideration is to ensure a gender-diverse candidate pool for pivotal positions. A commitment to diversity isn’t just ethical but pragmatic; diverse teams have consistently proven to be more effective, thus making a compelling business case. By actively supporting gender diversity, we unlock a treasure trove of untapped potential, accelerating not only individual careers but the industry at large.

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Nick Snelling’s vision and expectations for WED resonate with the core values that drive our community. His insights not only inspire us but also challenge us to set higher standards in our quest for gender equality in the Defence and Security sectors. We are incredibly fortunate to have him as part of our leadership team, and we look forward to the transformative changes that his involvement will undoubtedly bring.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Nick. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our team as we continue to strive for a more equitable future.

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