Harnessing Our Hormones: Empowering Female Leaders with Becca Meadows

Introduction: In a groundbreaking talk titled “Harnessing Our Hormones,” hosted by Women Empowering Defence, Becca Meadows, a renowned Registered Nutritional Therapist, delved into a topic often shrouded in silence: the menstrual cycle and its impact on female leaders. This session aimed to transform the way we view and interact with our hormonal cycles, proposing a shift from battling against them to understanding and working alongside them.

Key Insights from Becca Meadows:

Becca Meadows, with her unique blend of military leadership experience and expertise in women’s health, brought forward an enlightening perspective on the role of hormones in professional and personal life. She emphasised the importance of understanding how hormones influence feelings and behaviours throughout the menstrual cycle and offered strategies to optimise hormone balance through lifestyle and nutrition.

Understanding the Menstrual Cycle:

The talk focused on the regular patterns of the menstrual cycle, highlighting the fluctuations of key hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Becca explained how these hormonal changes could be harnessed to enhance self-awareness, modulate skill sets, and optimise overall well-being.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Becca addressed the challenges women often face due to hormonal fluctuations, including premenstrual syndrome and the impact of stress hormones. She also discussed the opportunities that arise from a deeper understanding of these cycles, such as improved energy, performance, and leadership capabilities.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies:

As a nutritional therapist, Becca emphasised the role of diet and lifestyle in maintaining hormonal balance. She provided practical advice on how to make adjustments to support natural hormonal patterns, thereby enhancing physical and mental health.


Becca Meadows’ talk, “Harnessing Our Hormones,” offered a fresh and empowering perspective on a topic that is integral to the lives of many women. By understanding and embracing our hormonal cycles, female leaders can unlock new levels of productivity, empathy, and resilience. This session is a call to action for all women to explore and embrace their hormonal health as a source of strength and empowerment.

To gain a deeper understanding of how to harness your hormones and leverage them for personal and professional growth, we encourage you to watch the full talk by Becca Meadows. Watch the full video here and join us in embracing this vital aspect of female health and leadership.

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