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    Posted by WED on 17 October 2023 at 15:24

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    In this session Dave will be talking about limiting beliefs; what drives them and why – at some level – they might be serving us…

    Simplicity in Mind http://www.simplicityinmind.co.uk

    Simple Reflections Podcast https://simplereflectionspodcast.buzzsprout.com

    Dave Hill

    Dave is a Transformational Coach and owner of Simplicity in Mind, a small coaching practice with a big mission; to irradicate veteran suicide.

    After 17 years of service around the world in the British Army and subsequent roles with Amazon, Standard Life Investments and Abrdn, Dave found himself at a crossroads; wanting to do more for his military friends and unsure how to finance it…

    Simplicity in Mind was the result. Dave delivers a mixture of leadership, wellbeing and coaching to organisations and private clients, with a corporate social responsibility/pay it forward wrapper; ie buy a service for yourself or your team and you will also be helping veterans and their families.

    While some of the subjects and experiences can feel very heavy, with gentle, compassionate, and hopefully playful enquiry, Dave aims to rekindle hope in those that are feeling lost, knowing that they have the capacity to thrive from there.

    Dave is also the host of the Simple Reflections Podcast; a fortnightly series of light-hearted conversations around how we learn through insight.

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