Breaking Barriers: Sifaya Vellaithamby on Empowering Women in Tech

The tech industry has long been a male-dominated field, with women significantly underrepresented in IT and tech-focused roles. At Women Empowering Defence (WED), we understand the importance of increasing diversity in the workplace and are committed to encouraging more women to pursue careers in the tech industry.

Today, we are delighted to share the journey and insights of Sifaya Vellaithamby, the Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Hyper Talent Solutions Ltd. With over 15 years of versatile experience in both IT and business domains, Sifaya has navigated the roles of motherhood, wife, and innovation director, ultimately securing a significant position within the predominantly male tech industry.

In her own words, Sifaya imparts this message to fellow women: “Shatter boundaries, cultivate self-trust, and recognise the significance of your voice. Above all, it’s not merely about ‘if I can,’ but rather ‘how I can’ now. Take that initial step, for the journey begins with your determination.”

Q&A with Sifaya Vellaithamby

Q: What has been the driving force to get you where you are today?

A: The driving force behind my journey in the tech industry has been a blend of passion, resilience, and the desire to break barriers. My love for technology fuelled my determination to overcome gender biases and stereotypes. I believe that diverse perspectives lead to better solutions and innovation. Networking with like-minded individuals and organisations focused on gender parity has been instrumental in my journey.

Q: How did you get into the technology sector?

A: My entry into the technology sector was shaped by a fusion of design thinking and architecture. My fascination with creating innovative solutions for real-world problems led me to explore design thinking principles, which I integrated with technology. Pursuing a degree in IT refined my ability to envision and design complex structures, ultimately leading me to the tech sector.

Q: Why do you think there are still so few females in the technology sector?

A: The underrepresentation of females in the tech sector can be attributed to cultural and societal biases, limited access to STEM education for girls, and workplace discrimination. To increase female participation in tech, we must create a more inclusive environment, offer educational opportunities, and challenge gender stereotypes.

Q: How can we achieve a more diverse future in tech?

A: To achieve a more diverse future in tech, we must promote inclusivity from early education to the workplace. Encouraging STEM education for underrepresented groups, providing mentorship, and combating bias in hiring are essential steps towards fostering a diverse and inclusive culture within tech companies.

Q: How can we get more women into technology?

A: To attract more women into technology, we must encourage STEM education and interest from a young age. Providing scholarships and mentorship programs can make the field more accessible. Tech companies should actively promote diversity, implement inclusive hiring practices, and establish supportive environments.

Q: What advice would you pass on to other women to help them progress in this industry?

A: My advice to women in the tech industry is to embrace your passion, stay resilient in the face of challenges, and continuously seek opportunities for growth and learning. Build a strong network of mentors and peers who can provide guidance and support. Don’t be afraid to voice your ideas and assert your contributions. Your unique perspective is a valuable asset in this ever-evolving field.

We hope Sifaya’s story and advice inspire and empower more women to pursue careers in technology and leadership roles. Together, we can break barriers and forge a brighter future for women in tech.

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