A Shared Commitment: Janes’ Support for Women Empowering Defence

At Janes, our commitment to diversity, equality, inclusivity, and opportunity perfectly aligns with the mission of Women Empowering Defence. We firmly believe that these values are not only integral to our own success but also critical to the broader defence community. Here, we share our thoughts on why we support WED, what excites us about this partnership, and our hopes for the future.

Why Do You Support WED?

At Janes, we are deeply committed to fostering an environment that promotes diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity. These principles are not mere words on paper; they are at the core of our values and how we operate as the global agency for open-source defence intelligence. WED’s mission to champion these same ideals resonates profoundly with us.

We believe that the defence and security sectors can only thrive when they embrace diversity in all its forms. By supporting WED, we are not just endorsing a cause; we are actively contributing to a movement that has the power to transform our industry for the better.

What Excites You About WED?

The excitement we feel about our partnership with WED is twofold. First, we are thrilled to be part of an organisation that is driving critical discussions about diversity, equality, and inclusivity within the defence community. WED provides a platform where these discussions can lead to tangible action, influencing the very fabric of our industry.

Second, the diversity of our own workforce is a source of strength for us at Janes. We understand firsthand the benefits that come from a team with varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. WED’s commitment to diversity aligns perfectly with our belief that such diversity fundamentally enables our continued success.

What Are Your Hopes for WED?

Our hopes for Women Empowering Defence are boundless. We aspire to see WED continue to champion diversity, inclusivity, and equity in ways that bring about positive change and meaningful progress across the defence community.

We hope that WED’s influence will grow, touching more lives, fostering connections, and sparking important conversations. Through these efforts, we envision a future where diversity is celebrated, opportunities are accessible to all, and the defence and security sectors are stronger and more resilient as a result.

Introducing Jo Weston, Janes Ambassador for WED

We are delighted to introduce Jo Weston, the Head of Product Operations at Janes, as our official Janes Ambassador for Women Empowering Defence. Jo brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to championing diversity and inclusivity within the defence industry.

As a former Royal Air Force Intelligence Officer with 20 years of service and a background in supporting various operational activities, Jo understands the importance of diversity in driving excellence in defence and security. Her dedication to promoting equal opportunities aligns perfectly with WED’s mission.

Together, with Jo as our Ambassador, we look forward to further strengthening our partnership with WED and working towards a future where diversity is not just embraced but celebrated.

In Conclusion

Our partnership with WED is not just a collaboration; it’s a shared commitment to building a better future for the defence industry—one that values diversity, embraces inclusivity, and creates equal opportunities for all. Together, with Jo Weston as our Ambassador, we can drive positive change, and we are excited to embark on this journey with WED.

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