Who are we

Sanderson Government & Defence was launched in 2002, and is a specialist talent solutions provider to the UK Government sector. Our expertise lies in sourcing hard to find, hard to reach, talent for a wide range of public sector opportunities.

Our scope encompasses vital areas such as the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and National Security, Central Government and Arm’s Length Bodies, National Policing, and the broader Public Sector. We facilitate the deployment of government capabilities directly through established frameworks and collaborate with major government suppliers to streamline talent acquisition, particularly for their public sector divisions.

What we do

As a provider of talent solutions, we support and facilitate the placement of skilled professionals within the government and defence sector through a diverse array of solutions. Our services encompass contingent permanent and contract recruitment, project and embedded talent partner solutions, as well as statement of work, MSP, and search offerings.

Given the unique dynamics of the UK Government sector, the cultivation of strategic partnerships is integral to our success and sustained expansion. Over our two decades of engagement in this sector, our business growth has been mostly propelled by recommendations and referrals.

Our steadfast commitment to addressing talent challenges through a highly collaborative approach ensures that our clients not only endorse our services but also appreciate the enduring value of our supply. Recognising the evolving landscape of candidate preferences, we continually adapt our approach, leveraging technology to pioneer innovative methods and yield alternative outcomes.

Our pledge is to consistently embrace change, refine our strategies, and enhance our solutions to ensure they are adaptable, inclusive, and foster growth.

Our Ambassador

Mollie Chamberlain is the Sanderson ambassador for Women Empowering Defence. Within her role as Head of Projects, operating within the government and defence sector, she works with organisations of varying sizes on how to scale, diversify, and future proof their talent plans. Predominantly focussing on project work centered around ED&I, EVP, and Future Talent, she is an advocate of supporting the change and growth for females operating within the defence sector.

Why We Support

We recognise that the strength of our nation relies on the unique perspectives, talents, and backgrounds of individuals from all walks of life. Our dedication to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is ingrained in our organisational culture. We believe that a workforce that reflects the foundations of our society not only drives creativity but also ensures that our recruitment practices are fair, transparent, and free from bias.

Operating within the unique realms of government and defence, our mission extends beyond traditional recruitment. We recognise the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline that not only meets the needs of today but also shapes the future. By championing ED&I, we strive to break down barriers, eliminate biases, and create an environment where individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or other identifiers, can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

We recognise the challenges the Government and defence sector faces when it comes to diversity, and we believe that the formation of our partnership with Women Empowering Defence creates the opportunity for Sanderson Government & Defence to be at the forefront of influencing change and progression within the sector.