People Source Consulting

Our tailored outcome-based IT consultancy services offer you industry-proven solutions that align with your operations.

Who are we

People Source Consulting serves as a pivotal link, seamlessly connecting high-calibre talent with exceptional project services aimed at catalysing transformative agendas. While our roles span recruitment and consultancy, our singular mission is to deliver a standard of excellence that adds enduring value to businesses well beyond the scope of our partnership.

What we do

Specialising in the private, public, government, and defence sectors, we’re committed to delivering contract and permanent technology talent. Our services extend beyond traditional recruitment to include agile project solutions in business integration, service design, cloud migration, and transformation programmes. Expertise in Cyber Security, Security Assurance, P3M, DevOps, Infrastructure, Cloud, and Digital ensures that we meet the complex and varied needs of today’s rapidly evolving industries.

Why We Support

Our commitment at People Source Consulting transcends the recruitment-consultancy divide, embodying a broader mission of industry-wide transformation. Aligned with this is our partnership with the Women Empowering Defence community, strengthening our collective objectives for diversity, equality, and inclusion. In a sector where senior roles are predominantly male, we don’t merely advocate for gender equality; we actively contribute to a future that is more inclusive, innovative, and impactful.