Who are we

Pega provides a powerful platform that empowers the world’s leading organisations to unlock business-transforming outcomes with real-time optimisation. Clients use our enterprise AI decisioning and workflow automation to solve their most pressing business challenges – from personalising engagement to automating service to streamlining operations. Since 1983, we’ve built our scalable and flexible architecture to help enterprises meet today’s customer demands while continuously transforming for tomorrow.

What we do

Pega enables military clients to leverage advanced digital solutions, automate training and onboarding, modernise the supply chain and make informed decisions on budgets. Our Generative AI capabilities help drive innovation, improve operational efficiency and adapt swiftly to changing security requirements. AI plays a pivotal role in enhancing strategic outcomes, enabling proactive decision making and ensuring readiness in the face of evolving threats. Our approach not only streamlines existing systems but also provides a flexible foundation for future changes, ensuring adaptability and agility in the face of changing military requirements. Our automation capabilities help to reallocate resources to more strategic initiatives, focusing on enhancing operational readiness and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s dynamic security landscape. 

Pega allows users to interact with a unified interface that provides a holistic view of relevant information and processes. This streamlined approach not only reduces the cognitive load on users but also enhances operational efficiency by eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems. Our integration capabilities enable the military to remove silos between systems, promoting data consistency and accuracy. By centralising data and processes, Pega facilitates a more agile and responsive operational environment, empowering users to make informed decisions based on real-time information. In turn, this enables the organisation to optimise its operations, drive efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge in the national security domain.

Why We Support

Pega have a long-standing affiliation with the Defence and Security Sector and welcome the opportunity to celebrate diversity, empowerment and achieving more together to make a difference in defence. We encourage collaboration, support our communities and are committed to breaking down barriers to obtain a better future. Supporting Women Empowering Defence enables us to help encourage and inspire, build a strong network and relationships and help individuals reach their potential in this demanding sector.