Itsus Consulting

Providing ICT solutions to international aerospace, defence and public sector organisations to deliver complex digital transformation programmes.

Who are we

ITSUS Consulting, a name synonymous with secure communications, has been making waves in the defence and government sectors since its inception in June 2008. Founded by Dr Shahid Mian and Alex Cousins, the company was established to address a gap in the market for flexible, technical SMEs within these sectors. Originally registered as Co-tech Communications Limited, the company underwent a rebranding to ITSUS Consulting Limited in March 2009.

The journey of ITSUS Consulting is one of continuous growth and evolution. From being contracted for their first project with BAE Systems to support the Falcon military communication system, they have expanded their horizons and as of March 2023, boast a team of 21 dedicated professionals. Their primary objective? To be recognised as a strategic supplier for major military ICT programmes.

What we do

ITSUS Consulting’s mission is clear: “To make a difference in defence.” They design and develop secure communication systems and services, ensuring that defence communications are not just efficient but also secure.

Their vision is to foster a forward-thinking, multidisciplinary organisation that attracts the best talent and collaborates with like-minded entities. By doing so, they aim to be the go-to supplier of ICT products and services for international aerospace, defence, security organisations, and the public sector.

Offering services that include advisory consultancy, professional services, bid writing, policy and strategy formulation and subsequent delivery, ITSUS consulting focuses on flexible and long-term support for their customers across three broad capability areas:

  • Networks: Building robust and secure communication networks.
  • Cyber Security: Ensuring that communications are secure from potential threats.
  • Data Science: Analysing and interpreting complex data to provide actionable insights.

Why We Support

ITSUS believe in innovation and digital transformation underpinned by culture and thought diversity, empowering people to make a difference in defence.

From supporting local community, to building strong networks and fostering meaningful relationships, ITSUS is committed to helping people reach their potential in a complex and demanding industry.

ITSUS got involved in the Women Empowering Defence community for this reason; to help people achieve their goals and break down the barriers to the industry. Sharing the people-first attitude of the WED community , ITSUS is embracing the opportunity to work together to help make a difference.