Reply To: Is it time to break the cycle of female rivalry?

  • Eleigh Brewer

    19 September 2023 at 13:00

    Interesting that you mention fair competition Nick. One of my recurring thoughts, when thinking about how we tackle D&I issues within Defence (and further afield – I’m a big picture thinker), is how do we ensure fair competition and opportunity?

    For me personally, this is an absolute minefield that creates numerous pathways of thought within my (divergent) brain . It is mostly acknowledged that gender dominance in a particular field has a huge impact on fairness. But what about the additional implications associated with being a particular gender? How do we consider that when attempting to create fairness in accessing opportunities?

    More questions then answers I’m afraid but always food for thought 🙂 My brain has already spiraled into the synergistic affects of gender, race, disability, socioeconomic background etc. on fair competition.