Reply To: Is it time to break the cycle of female rivalry?

  • Tanya Cantrell

    11 September 2023 at 17:10

    Sadly I agree, I genuinely believe this does happen and is more prolific than we’d like to think. In a world where we preach about fixing other Queen’s crowns when they’ve slipped, being their avid cheerleader or genuinely being happy another woman is doing well for themselves, for every amazing individual who does this, there is the silent enemy holding someone back for either personal or professional gain. Their so called advice and guidance shepherding the unknowing down a specific track or using someone to meet their goals and not yours are the ones to watch. Whether this is down to jealousy, a feeling of inadequacy in their own role or using their power to disrupt or ill-fully influence someone else, this is happening and in extreme cases can be tantamount to bullying.

    These staff members need to called out for their behaviours and get to the root of the disruption.

    I am all up for healthy competition but not to the point where it’s used as a weapon against my competitors.