Reply To: Is it time to break the cycle of female rivalry?

  • Nick Snelling

    11 September 2023 at 17:03

    As a Male Ally to Women Empowering Defence, I haven’t personally experienced female rivalry in the way described, but I’ve certainly observed its effects in professional settings, including within the Defence sector. It’s crucial to acknowledge that rivalry, mistreatment, or unfair competition isn’t exclusive to any gender; however, the implications for women can be particularly damaging given the already-existing barriers to entry and advancement in male-dominated fields.

    I believe it’s crucial for everyone, regardless of gender, to support each other in combatting rivalry and promoting fair competition. A culture of inclusivity and mutual respect will not only help to mitigate such behaviours but also contribute to a more equitable and effective workplace.

    So while I can’t speak from personal experience about being affected by female rivalry, I can underscore the importance of allyship in mitigating its impacts and creating a more supportive professional environment.