General Dynamics

General Dynamics UK is one of the UK’s leading defence companies, and a key supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence.

Who are we

General Dynamics UK designs, develops, and delivers cutting-edge capabilities in land, sea, air, and cyber domains, to the British Armed Forces and allied forces around the world. We have more than 60 years of experience in delivering C4I communications solutions, Armoured Fighting Vehicle capability, avionics systems and deployable infrastructure. We are committed to good corporate citizenship, sustainable business practices, and supporting our local communities in an ethical and responsible manner.

What we do

General Dynamics UK is a defence company delivering in two main areas – Land Systems and Mission Systems. General Dynamics Mission Systems provides pioneering technology, specialising in state-of-the-art avionics systems, and secure tactical communications and information transfer. Our Bowman system continues to provide the British Armed Forces with a dependable tactical communications solution. General Dynamics Land Systems is delivering AJAX, the future of Armoured Fighting Vehicles, to the British Army, as well as developing the next generation of Foxhound 4×4, and providing robotics vehicles like the MUTT and TRX.

Why We Support

Community involvement is at the core of our mission. We actively form strategic and academic partnerships, volunteer time, and participate in charitable, academic, and industry organizations. We are dedicated to supporting our communities and giving back to them in the same way that they give to us. We value the key goals guiding Women Empowering Defence and believe gender equality, diversity, and empowerment, are paramount to creating an inclusive community for all.