• isabel

    2 May 2024 at 09:39

    Thank you for your insights Khadijah! I truly believe that if we change our mindset we can find our version of a work-life balance, one that works for us. Everything seems to be extremely fast-paced these days, and it can feel like we’re getting pulled into a million different directions, which is why I believe mindset is key.

    Instead of chasing after this perfect balance that never seems to come, maybe it’s more about accepting that there’ll always be some give and take, particularly as all of these factors will ebb and flow in our lives. If we prioritise during specific time periods one factor over the other, and accept that we’re doing so, that there will be trade-offs, we can start to achieve a more realistic work-life balance.

    I’m eager to hear Jodi’s insights and experiences on these topics, and engage in a discussions that can help us and empowers us all to lead more fulfilling lives, both personally and professionally.