Code First Girls

The Next Gen of Tech Talent

Who are we

Code First Girls is a social impact organisation dedicated to building global talent pipelines of women in technology. Our mission is to reduce the gender gap in the tech industry by providing tech employment to women through free education. We’ve already taught more than 200,000 women to learn to code and by working with companies globally, we’re boosting employability, diversity and social mobility through pathways into tech. We work with notable cyber and defence organisations such as GCHQ, BAE Systems, Thales, DarkTrace and MBDA.

What we do

Code First Girls offers training in technical skills that align with the career pathways businesses need. Whether it’s software engineers, cyber security analysts, or data scientists, our education produces job-ready candidates for in-demand future skills areas. Working with over 130 organisations worldwide, we have built one of the most extensive talent pipelines of women and non-binary individuals for tech employers. Companies can build their global talent pipelines with our entry-level, mid-level, and internal upskilling and reskilling tech talent programmes by providing free education to women.

Why We Support

We are proud to support Women Empowering Defence because we share a common commitment to empowering women and promoting the importance of diversity in critical sectors like defence. By collaborating with WED we are amplifying our efforts to create a more inclusive environment where individuals of all backgrounds and abilities can thrive. By fostering a supportive culture that embraces diversity, we can unlock unique perspectives and drive innovation in defence technology and strategy. Through our partnership, we aim to contribute to Women Empowering Defence’s mission of creating opportunities for women and diverse individuals to excel in the defence sector, ultimately strengthening national security and advancing diversity and inclusion.